Hi, I'm Jason.
I Help Businesses
Tell & Sell Their Story.

Through effective email, crafty copywriting & punchy paragraphs, I help you attract, connect and convert customers.


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It All Starts With Your Story...

The absolute core of every marketing campaign is your story.

The key to cutting through the fluff in our digitized world is bringing back the human element, connection. Stories have been the foundation of community and connection for thousands of years.

From your about page to your landing page, there is no point in spending a cent on paid advertising until all of the words on these pages tell a compelling story that connects and ultimately converts.

That’s where I come in.

After complete immersion in your business, your values and your market, I pull out the pen.

I start from the ground up and build out a personalized marketing strategy.

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"Jason is an awesome copywriter and the ultimate collaborator, we hit it off from the get go. If you're looking for punchy copy with personality that brings your offer to life and exceeds expectations, contact Jason. "
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Will Wang
Chief Marketing Strategist

How I Do It


I identify your key audience and align the copy so the right people stop and listen to what you have to say. With your ideal audience in mind I’ll craft compelling headlines to attract attention. 


Once we’ve got their attention, It’s all about the connection. People connect with you through stories, they relate to you through stories. In fact we have a kitch (but true) saying round here, story=glory… but seriously it’s true.


Got the connection? We build trust with compelling copy that gets people across the line. This is done through emails, case studies, aligned website content, blog copy and paid advertising. 

Let's Dive a Little Deeper


attract customers with copywriting

It’s not just about getting noticed. It’s about getting noticed by the right customer and at the right time.

See, getting the right customer from day 1 allows you to spend less time selling and more time serving. In fact, the right type of customer will involve less nurturing too.

And, to top it off the right customer is the “word of mouth” type of customer aka your biggest fan. 

Now, we all love those types of customers! 

Having someone form a connection with your story is the first step to growth. 

In an online, digitally dominated world, connection is a must. Without it you and your business are nothing. Sad, but true.

Human beings need and want connection and I am not just talking about mobile phone signal here people!

Relevant, relatable connection is what we all really want. And coffee, coffee is up towards the top of the list too.


copywriting that connects you with a customer


copywriting that converts

After you have attracted the right customer and a connection has been built, it’s time to convert.

I create crafty copy, test and track its performance to make sure what we are doing works #metricsareourmantra. 

Conversion to a customer depends on many things and we will save this for another time. (Please schedule a call to know more).

Why Work With Kudos?

Too many people get below average results from heavy spends in digital marketing, why? 

Anyone can setup a facebook ad, write a testimonial or create an article, but it’s more than that, it’s about quality, flow, connection and alignment. 

Everything you do, every bit of information you put out to the world, should be brilliant. Period.

I start from the ground up, investigating, creating, aligning and “damn fining” your copy so that holistically, your story flows.

Furthermore, I only take on clients that align with my values.

Want to know what they are? 

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