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So Who is this Jason character?

I’m a Private investigator turned copywriter.

After investigating hundreds of businesses I started picking up on the small nuances that were the determining factors on whether a business succeeded or not…

Success does leaves clues, and I started to find them.

See the thing is, I saw companies spend thousands, tens of thousands and some even hundreds of thousands on email campaigns, monthly paid marketing from Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO optimized advertorials and even guests posts.

Some got amazing results and had incredible ROI’s, others, well, flopped and got nowhere.

What I realised is that the business’s story and how it is told matters. 

It matters a lot.

Now, it is isn’t about making up a story, I know you already have one. 

It’s about how you tell it and how you sell it!

See, getting people’s attention can be tricky enough, but doable.

Keeping their attention, connecting with them and then converting them to be your latest praise singing customer is another thing.

Once you have someone’s attention, you have to connect with them, they need to connect with you, your brand and your story.

No connection —> No Sale 

In all of my investigations, this popped up time and time again.

I quickly learned that the companies that told & sold their story in a way that resonated & connected with their ideal customer, succeeded.

Those that didn’t. 


Sure, there are many other deciding factors of business success, but these became obvious in all businesses across all industries.

This was a huge epiphany for me and something that I had to explore further.

I’ve written all my life, I love the power of words.

And, I love using the power of words to tell a story, your Story.

In fact, I love to understand you, your brand, your mission and your product/s, and immerse myself in what you do & why you do it (thanks Simon Sinek).

Seriously, I love connecting all the dots and writing copy that brings all your moving parts together to resonate with your customers, past, present & future.

See, in this day and age, connection is more important than ever, in fact, it is essential to success.

I started Kudos to help people turn their dreams into realities ( true story). From the ground up.

Please, DO NOT spend a dollar on marketing until your story is defined and aligned with your brand, across all platforms.

So how do I do it?

I start from the ground up, I call it anInitial Investigation Stage (IIS)”, don’t worry, surveillance is not part of it!

Here I will dive into everything about you and and your company that you want to share with the world. We will work together to align your brand with your ideal customer. 

When talking about aligning, we go through web copy, sales copy, social and an email audit to see where you currently stand and what sort of results you are getting (or not). 

Now it is time to “hone your tone” and we get to work creating your copy.

Only after our Initial Investigation Stage can we move forward with an actionable, measurable plan.

I want to understand who you are and what you do, so I can create exceptional copy that does three core things:

    • Attract:  relevant customers that have a “problem” that you or your product can “solve”

    • Connect: to people so your product resonates with them and they can’t imagine life without it

    • Convert: viewers to buyers – make the sale, do the deal aka sign on the dotted line

See it isn’t that difficult, I could sell you on fancy sales funnels, mind-blowing metrics, but it is not really about that.

Sure, I believe in metrics, tracking progress, tweaking and improving, but that comes further down the track.

Let me nail your story for you, let’s start from the ground up and craft some killer copy!

Get in touch to find out how I can help you tell and sell your story to the world.

I look forward to working with you.