jason bridger-berkeley copywriter

What's it like working with me?

In a nutshell, it’s enjoyable, actionable and effective. 

Outside of the nutshell, working with with me goes a little something like this…

1. Investigation & Clarification

The Initial Investigation Stage (IIS) is where it all begins. 

This is where I dive deep to understand you and your business, your ideal customer, your market and your competition.  We schedule a call and cover a lot of ground. I bring out the trusty old digital magnifying glass and sleuth around.

I want to better understand the results you are getting with your current digital marketing and sales funnels. This will set the foundation from where we can measure your results from.

I then clarify your story and define a solid measurable and actionable marketing plan for your business.

2. Foundational

Foundation copy is what very often gets overlooked in this digital world. This is the basis of your story and all future marketing efforts. Foundational copy builds from the ground up, creating a solid foundation is crucial to success. In this stage I focus on high traffic ( or soon to be) pages on your site and in your sales funnel.

– Homepage copy 

– Landing page copy

– Sales page copy

– About page copy

This stage is crucial for the success on stage 3.

3. Actionable

Once your foundations are built, we drive to your page through engaging emails and paid social campaigns. Including:

– Email campaigns

– Facebook ads

– LinkedIn ads

– Instagram

Ok, so what's next, how do I work with you?

Well for starters, we will actually be working together.

Sure, I do most of the work, but communication in this whole process is of the utmost importance. 

To achieve the best results efficiently and effectively, I am big believer on being open and transparent with everything I do.

Since I immerse myself in your business and its’ success I am very limited to how many clients I can work with.

I currently have a waitlist, but If you’d like to work with me, I have the following prerequisites.

1) You must be offering a product or service that improves the life others in some way, shape or form.

2) You must be passionate, driven and want to achieve extraordinary results.

3) You have to be willing to trust the process & have fun along the way.

Still want to work with me?

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